Video SEO is right now a very important factor when it comes to promoting your online videos. Given the fact, YouTube offers an excellent platform to reach a large audience, it’s important to take advantage of SEO for YouTube. One of the big problems is it’s a very cramped up space online and no wonder the statistics suggest every minute over 100 hours of video gets published on YouTube. So the main concern would be how to get visitors to see your video instead of hundreds of other videos in your industry. Well, the right way to approach this issue is to go for video SEO campaign.


Some of the important factors that are taken into consideration to get a video on the first result pages of YouTube are:


  1. Title tag details and the keywords used
  2. Visitor retention
  4. Subscribers
  5. Tags in general
  6. Length of the video
  7. Likes/dislikes


You need to keep in mind that Google or YouTube generally depend on the text displayed for your video as they can’t listen or look at the video. So you need to make sure you give the best description for your video and make use of the right keywords to reach the target traffic. Since YouTube doesn’t provide the facility of back links, the site’s algorithm mostly relies on user’s experience. So you need to create compelling and interesting videos to attract the audience to like your videos and even better stimulate them to subscribe to it by including a specific call to action at the end of your video. These signals can have a good impact and help make your video more visible in YouTube.