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If your google ranking has dropped as a result of googles updates then you are not alone, many of our Australian, Sydney based Google Penalty Assessment clients have had to contact us as a result of these updates.

These updates can be hard to understand when your are not looking through the large scale lens which is essentially ‘the big picture’.

Google will continue to release updates as they have before, many websites will have a shift in their rankings, and some websites may even be removed from the SERP’s completely. We offer a free backlink audit which may provide you with an indication of how natural or unnatural your websites back link profile is.


Our backlink Analysis are performed by google experts, using the industry accepted model and is a no fee no obligation service. The analysis is limited to 100 URL’s, 25 Domains of a maximum.

Google Penalty Removal Services


Have you noticed a recent drop in your search engine rankings, don’t panic and call us today 1300 550 280.  If your reply is yes, then may be your website is struggling due to a penalty or the recent updates have brought you down.


So now you might ask is it possible to remove and recover from it. Get your Sydney Google Penalty Assessment today.

Yes, indeed you can get rid of the Google penalties that plague your website and in fact help you recover from them!
HS Coms Digital has over 15 years experience working with google for better rankings with clients.

As you might be aware Google the search engine giant is chasing down online spammers in order to ensure the best user experience. We are the Best Sydney SEO Agency that makes use of the latest updates like the Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and more to crack down sites that make us of black hat/manipulative techniques to climb to the top of page ranks.

Although, these algorithmic updates can also affect authentic sites as businesses might stay wrongly informed or they continue to engage SEO companies that make use of wrong techniques just to build their rank. Trust the foremost industry leader in Homebush SEO Agency and Sydney SEO Agency.

Google SERP Assessment


You are not alone in this situation, we are here to help. HS Coms Digital is the best SEO Agency in Sydney, we specialise in improving your search engine rankings and removing google penalties.


Those websites are badly damaged and their reputation ruined before coming to us for assistance, as other SEO agencies did not do their job. We are here to inform you that we can help you remove the Google penalties that plague your site and ensure you are not at risk in the future.

Most SEO professionals might offer you just plain suggestions on how to overcome the penalties, although most of them first fail to realise the difference between several types of updates and the penalties caused due to its non-compliance. This can indeed cause trouble to your website So trust the Google Penalty Removal Assessment Sydney Team. Some of these are:

  • Inorganic links warning
  • Over optimization of keywords/anchor texts
  • Panda and Penguin updates
  • Link devaluation and more

Google Penalty Assessment


As a general rule most businesses do not understand the importance of white hat SEO strategies. At HS Coms Digital we have over 15 Years SEO experience so you can be assured we are best at Google Penalty Assessment in Sydney.


When you resort to unconventional strategies to boost your ranking, you are going to be penalised.

On the other hand, what we can do for your website is to first carefully examine it, look at your traffic trends and also your unique link profile. This way, we can actually show you why there’s a decline in quality visitors to your site. We will spot the reason for this, whether it’s due to a penalty or an update and come up with accurate reports for your consideration. We’ll then communicate with you to help you understand the best way to take action. Then we will begin creating a unique plan that will help you recover and remove the penalties that’s obstructing the growth and visibility of you

Remove your penalty and improve SEO

Invest to become the best!

Contact us today via filling out the form or alternatively contact our Google experts by calling 1300 550 280. We work extremely hard for our clients to get the results they need. Having invested in SEO is a good step to make, but choosing the right SEO Agency can be a tough call to make.

Contact us today for a competitive quote, no obligation discussion to see what we can do for you. As part of this discussion you will receive a complimentary backlink audit, SEO analysis and google penalty assessment, Free of Charge.

15 years of SEO Experience in Sydney, providing full Search Engine Marketing Services to some of Australias biggest brands and multi million dollar entrepreneurs.

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