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Images are in fact a vital part of SEO efforts as they too can bring in more traffic for your site. This is especially true when people do image search and not just the usual keyword/phrase search. However, there are various things to consider ensuring the right usage of images in your SEO campaign to create better visitor experience.


So things like well-informed tags, anchor texts and the right URL structure needs to be taken into consideration to optimize the images for better visibility online. So here are some things to consider:


  1. Firstly you must find appropriate images that are of good quality. This will generally create interest in your visitors to share it and can lead to quality back links.
  2. Secondly you can make use of the right keywords to name your image, so instead of just random numbers/alphabets make use of a keyword/phrase that describes the purpose of the page where your image gets used.
  3. Thirdly, build well informative alt text/tags so that the engines can understand what the image is concerned about. So image captions can help build relevancy and purpose for your image
  4. Making use of the most suitable anchor text is another thing to consider. You can create a link to your image by making use of appropriate keywords instead of just using a more usual word
  5. In the end, ensure your image compliments your content on the page. So the picture needs to be relevant to what you’ve written on the page to ensure search engines don’t consider it as an object of random spamming but instead it’s of the best relevancy and quality.