Your online image is one of the key aspects that define your business’s success. Your business website must be search-engine friendly with a good user interface, engaging content and a clear call to action. In the present times, with the proliferation of SEO, blogs, local search, and review websites, maintaining your online reputation has become more challenging. Your own website is under your or your business’s control. But a review website is not.
Handling negative reviews in a judicious manner is important in order to maintain your online reputation. A customer might post a negative review about your business on a review website and you may not even know about it. Statistics show that buyers are heavily influenced by online reviews and that one negative review could mean losing thirty customers.

So what is to be done in case of a negative review?

  • The most important thing to do is respond to the review in a thoughtful manner. Your response should show that you do care about customers and effectively deal with grievances.
  • You could also ask customers who’ve had a positive experience to post their reviews online. In this way, you could balance the negative reviews.
  • Listing your business on local search and review websites is essential for getting recognition. Being listed on review sites helps build brand image and credibility.

In this age of search engine optimization, it is equally important to have both online visibility and a good online reputation. For any of your needs regarding SEO, Sydney has several trusted companies that can help you build your website in a user-friendly manner. Your website is your business’ online identity to the world. Make it count.