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The answer is “No”, inbound linking will not lead to any trouble as far as your ranking is concerned. Inbound links are indeed a very important factor in SEO ranking, they play a major role in your site’s visibility. It’s very simple to understand this as the website manager/owner is indeed accountable for any content shown on the site and will not be excused if there are any elements that are unacceptable as per the guidelines set by the search engines. Likewise, you are not responsible for the content that’s present on sites that link back to yours, as you really can’t control where the links turn up.


In fact, if inbound linking plays a role in bringing down your ranking, then your competitors by now would have done it on purpose to cause trouble for you. So all major search engines are quite mindful of this issue, so they came up with a sensible solution where inbound links are considered to be a beneficial factor for ranking purposes. Although on the other hand, outbound links that connect to illegal/spam sites can in fact lead to unwanted disadvantages in the online realm.


Securing lot of inbound links can be hard for sites that have started just recently and it can take time for the links to make a real impact on your rankings. The right way to go about it is organically where top quality content links back to your site. Moreover, inbound links that originate from good quality sites will in fact have more weight when compared to those from unconfirmed sites. Experienced professional SEO companies can provide smart inbound linking campaign to save your time and efforts in achieving good rankings online.