Anchor text can play a key role in helping you procure the best online rankings. No wonder, it’s an important element in today’s link building SEO campaigns. Anchor text is the clickable text part of the hyperlink which is generally seen by site visitors.


So for instance if you have a site that promotes gift cheques then creating links by using anchor text such as “gift products” or “gift certificates” can get you more visibility and better ranking opportunity when compared to just using the text “gift cheques”. In short, your anchor text will have more weight when it informs the visitors about the products/services you promote rather than just focusing on your brand name. From a visitor’s point of view, they will get an opportunity to look into more relevant backlinks and this will in fact improve the number of views on the website and the time spent on it. On the other hand, relevant linking with the right anchor text can help search engine crawlers to better understand about your site’s relevancy and purpose.


Although it’s important to avoid manipulative abuse or let’s say over usage of anchor text, as the Google Penguin update will cancel it out and this can in fact lead to removal of your ranking. So you can also consider making use of neutral anchors like “visit here” or “take a look at this”. You can also make use of a particular keyword or the sites’ name itself occasionally as the anchor text in your backlinks. Engaging an experienced SEO professional can help you implement the right practices for making use of anchor texts.