The rise of social media has ensured that the Facebook pages of businesses are just as important as their websites and they must therefore, be optimised appropriately. Luckily, the founders of the social network have devised ways that allow an increased traffic to business pages through appropriately managed SEO.

  • Pick an Authentic Page Name for your Business

Deciding on the perfect name for your Facebook page can be tiresome, but it is crucial that you do so. You must avoid including generic keyword phrases in the title in the hopes that it would popularise your page. It might backfire with less likes and shares owing to your page coming across as spam and even Facebook will disable regular updates for such pages. It would be best to use the actual name of your enterprise for clear branding.

  • Stick with your Page Name

Changing your page’s name can result in bad SEO ranking for Facebook might not immediately update it. If it does, a lag by Google in doing so can result in a loss of business. So once you pick a name you must stick with it or risk affecting your businesses popularity.

  • Picking the Vanity URL or Username

Selecting a proper URL or username for your business page on Facebook can earn you a lot of SEO points. You must avoid generic keywords and pick a name that genuinely stands for your company or product.

Using search engine optimisation lets you become increasingly popular online with just these simple policies that let you optimise your page.