SEO Process

SEO generally deals with links, content building, keywords, and other elements like on/off page optimization among various other factors. On the other hand, company branding is all about building popularity and trust in people about the quality of your standards and culture. So incorporating this element in SEO efforts is very crucial, although this may not be the first thing you want to consider while initiating optimization for your site online.


Let’s consider the fact that most people look online for products/services rather than looking for a specific company. So your first effort needs to be on bringing more visitors to your site by making use of the right keywords to highlight your products/services. In fact, initially most visitors would be unaware of the existence of your company, but they could be in need of products/services you offer. So the initial focus needs to be on what you have in offer rather than what you are!


As you create a good customer base, you can then focus on building your company’s brand to create trust and confidence in the quality of your services. Needless to say when someone types in your company’s name, it’s quickly possible to find your site online due to the backlinks and anchor text in place. So looking to build your brand right at the initial stage of SEO is not required. It’s better to incorporate this strategy as your share in the market grows and you have better visibility for the products and services you have in offer for your prospective and existing customers.