Landing pages are indeed a crucial part in the search engine realm and they can be used as an effective tool to market and promote your site online. It’s not just enough to build a good looking landing page but you need to constantly optimise it for better conversion ratio. SEO landing page is essential to get the best benefits of more quality traffic relevant to your niche. Here are few points to consider:


  1. Firstly you need to choose the best keyword that is relevant to your landing page’s matter. For this, you can do good research on keywords or keyword phrases that better describe the page.
  2. Next, you need to come up with a good title tag. Just you like you do your best to impress your visitors you also need to make the title striking and influential for search engine spiders. Try using the best keyword in the title tag along with other keywords if there are enough characters to fill in as there’s a limit of only 70 characters.
  3. Now the meta description also matters. You may consider it as a neon sign board for the online result pages. They usually appear right under your site’s title. You can write about the landing page’s matter in this little description along with a keyword and call to action if possible within 150 characters. This way, visitors could feel intrigued to visit the browse the landing page.
  4. You can also optimise the landing page URL by including the best keyword in it.
  5. Consider coming up with a conspicuous headline as well on your landing page.