Everyone likes good clues and tips, here are few SEO tips that you consider:


  1. Text Links: It’s important you include text links on your site’s page along with the usual java script image maps/links. This will make it easier for search engine spiders to follow and pursue accordingly.
  2. Content is King: It’s important you get original and informative content written while aiming at crucial keywords along the way. Always focus on creating fresh and interesting content that adds value and relevance to your website’s pages. Keep updating your site with new content on a regular basis and avoid letting it be static. On the other hand, ensure the target keywords are used properly right from your domain title to text links, images and more.
  3. Links are Queen: Well, yes they indeed are! Ensure you form a chain of top quality back links that come from authentic sites with a genuine reason. You definitely don’t want irrelevant links that can spoil the purpose of building them in first place. Think about it in terms of achieving quality links and not the quantity.
  4. Website Design in Light of SEO: Ensure your website design compliments your SEO purposes. You need to talk to your designer about this aspect right at the initial stage. Remember spiders can only understand text but not flashy images.
  5. Page Speed: It’s important you remove any unessential stuff that can slow your website’s loading speed. This may consist of glitzy graphics or other unwanted plugins.