Your business needs an SEO expert

If your website no matter how better looks, if it doesn’t appear on the first few pages of search results then you could be losing a lot of potential traffic. Visibility in search engines matter the most these days and given the fact search engine algorithms keep changing all the time its best to choose an expert SEO consultant to help improve your site’s ranking. However, here are few important questions to consider while choosing one:


#1 Can I take a look at your past achievements/portfolio?

In other words, you can ask the SEO consultant to share information about how the current/past clients’ websites are faring in search engines. In addition, talking with their existing clients can also help you know if there’s any positive results in their rankings and if the conversion ratio is better. This will help you know if you can rely on the consultant.


#2 Do you follow the search engines’ standards?

You need to ask and choose an expert who closely follows the standards and guidelines set by Google and other popular search engines. This way, your website steers clear of any poor quality content, spammy links and more.


#3 How will you increase my site’s ranking?

It’s important the SEO consultant in Sydney talks freely about their strategies and procedures in detail to enhance your website’s search engine rank. They need to also tell you how long it might take to achieve realistic results. It’s important you make this initial interview before choosing the right consultant in Sydney.